Monday, June 15, 2009

What's So Great About Being An Atheist?

I wrote the following in response to a wonderful piece titled "What Atheism Offers Over Christianity", written by my friend, Dusty

I hope more than anything that there ISN’T a god because if there is, that would imply that he is a sadistic bastard who knew what awful things were going to befall humanity, but went ahead with the lab project anyway. And if somehow some religioutard can prove without a doubt that god exists, then I want to bring the bastard up on charges of cruelty and neglect, among other things. Sexist psychopath. I would like someone to explain to me what possible reason could there be to put a tree in the middle of a garden with fruit on it, and tell two people with maturity of a toddler, who have never dealt with the concept of consequence or right from wrong, not to eat from that tree, then leave them alone with it. That's like putting a child in a room alone with a bowl of broccoli and a bowl of M&Ms and expect him to only eat the broccoli and then punish him and humanity for all of eternity for eating the pretty red ones. Most of all, how it is that women all across the world accept Jesus Christ into their hearts, get baptized, forgiven of all sin to be Born Again clean in the lord, and still have massive cramps and total pain in childbirth and still believe. Wasn’t that the punishment of original sin? And weren’t women and men created equal before the original sin? Still second class citizens in all religions no matter how dedicated they are. I honestly believe that is the purpose of religion - to control people’s property and keep women in their place - under rule and subjugation of men.

A relationship with god is like a relationship with an abusive husband. In order to be treated kindly you have to do everything that he says, and even then you get your ass kicked - but he loves you and that’s why he punishes you. He gives you free will, but you can't use it. As far as following a religion, fear is the basic tool of recruitment. Manipulation is the basic tool of management and control. Stockholm Syndrome anyone? I fear and love my captor. How sick is that?

Want to know what is great about being an Atheist? I choose to be a good person and actually feel compassion for living things of my own volition. I don’t do it out of fear, or in expectation of great rewards. I don't do it to feel morally superior to others. This makes my kindness all the more worthwhile - because it comes from my heart, not my fear or duty. I also accept the fact that I am human and make mistakes. I am human - and part of the world’s evolution - the greatest part - because I am aware of the fragility of life and the world, and of the responsibility that awareness entails. That is what makes being a human being the greatest thing. If I hurt someone I answer to that person and try to make amends - to them - not an invisible man or a stranger in a booth. I was born without that which does not exist - sin. I choose to either do wrong, or do right. And unless I have some kind of mental or physical issue that I am incapable of overcoming, I am responsible for my actions. Me. No demons, no spirits, me.

I'm not ashamed of who I am. I've made good and bad decisions, but they were mine to make. And whatever bad things have happened to me, they weren't punishment for being a woman or a sinner. They were results of other people's or my own actions, or just shit that happens in life. They are a part of my evolution as a person, so I wouldn't be who I am without them, no matter how horrible some of them may have been. So when someone comes to me and says I have to believe in Jesus Christ or whatever the Deity du jour is, otherwise I will burn in hell, I’ll have to say “Pass the freaking sunblock".


  1. Great article. The whole garden story is just so ridiculous that it's really hard for me to believe that anyone could actually believe it. It just really doesn't seem possible. Even as a Christian I assumed the story must be a metaphonre for something else. It is just way to ridiculous.

    On the off chance there is a hell, I'll see you there. I look forward to spending eternity next to people like you instead of brain dead Christians.

  2. Likewise, my brother, likewise.