Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bonding Over Underpants

Everyone else was going for the Barbi and Wonder Woman Underoos, but I knew better. I was holding out for the elusive 1977 Jessica Drew alter ego Spider-Woman. I knew it was there somewhere at UnderooCom 2010. I searched and I searched. From The A-Team to Yoda I stuck my hands in more underpants that day than most people do in a life time. And then - like a holy grail shining at the end of a quest - there it was! I heard a choir singing. Birds were chirping and circling happily. A few more steps... I found them! The magic underpants! (not to be confused with Mormon underpants) Spider-Woman in all of her Underoo glory! I stretched out a hand towards the holy of holies. It was like slow motion. Just when I was about to grab those Underoos...... another hand crashed into mine! How could this be??? They were meant to be mine! This can't be happening! I looked to see the owner of that intrusive hand and there she was. A. The Dream Shatterer J. We stared at each other for what seemed like a lifetime. She was taller than me, yeah, who isn't? Ain't no big. I'm spry. I set my feet in a Clint Eastwood stance and put my hand at the snatch ready. We looked each other in the eyes. I was short, therefore closer to the table haha! And just when I was ready to make my move, the sales guy said, "Hey, dorks! We have two! Sheesh all the freaks come out to these conventions." Deeeeeflated. We grabbed our respective magic Underoos, looked at each other, giggled like the dorks we were and headed towards the Slurpee counter. My tongue turned blue, hers, purple. We've been besties ever since :D