Friday, February 27, 2009

For Whom the Door Bell Tolls

I'm still recovering from a foot surgery that involved bone reconstruction, so walking to the door is sometimes a challenge. Lately I've noticed a rise in traffic at my front door. Sometimes I get as many as three people a day ringing the door bell trying to sell something. They sell everything from super environmentally friendly cleaners to chocolate to Jesus. Now if they bring a chocolate Jesus I may spare a few bucks.

Once there were two young men in white shirts, ties and khaki pants selling Mormonism. When I finally convinced them that I wasn't buying they asked if I needed any work done around the yard. Eventually they got on their bikes and left, but they seemed really bummed out. I actually felt bad for them. A few weeks ago I had an older woman and her grandaughter wanting to convert me to Baptist. Now, I am a Secular Humanist and proud of it, but I still think we should have the freedom to believe whatever the heck we think is best for us, but dangit, please don't shove it down my throat. It took me a while, but I finally convinced them that although I respected their right to their beliefs, I didn't share them. I don't think they knew if they should be appalled or what, so they just left. Magazines, house cleaning, oh yeah my fave - meat from the back of someone's van, jeez... I've just about had it.

Today was different. I had the mail carrier and a girl with a spray bottle wanting to demonstrate something in my house. I respectfully declined. Nothing unusual there. Then a couple of hours later the door bell rang again. I could swear it sounded different. My door bell rings a consistantly happy Major 3rd. But in my head I heard an ominous minor 3rd with a creepy fade. Immediately my scalp started tingling and I swear I developed Spidey senses. From where I was sitting I could see the front door and a figure through the frosted glass next to it. I could see that it was a rather large man and he seemed to be shifting uneasily from one foot to another. He rang the bell again and then I saw a light. After a second I realized it was a flashlight and he was shining it through the glass trying to look into the house. Even with a flashlight, the only thing you can see through that glass is an unidentifyable shadow, but he tried for what was probably only 30 seconds. To me if felt like an hour. I sat there and watched him and finally he walked away. I didn't hear a car door or anything indicating it could be say the meter reader or high school kids raising funds for a trip. It just didn't seem right and I was all flushed and my goose was totally bumped. I have no reason to assume there was a danger, but this was the same feeling I had the day I left my grandmother's house to go to the store, and half way there turned back for no apparent reason other than I had a strong feeling that I needed to be there. When I got there I found my grandmother in the middle of being scared out of her wits after she surprised an intruder in her own house.

I have the total heeby geebys right now. Guess I'd better get my cat those ninja classes.

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  1. Yowza! A ninja kitty would definitely be a good thing for you to have!